We went for a lovely drive to Philip Island today,just my lovely lady and myself. We had some great dim sim and noodles at Cowes there,and just enjoyed each others company. Was a nice day,and I always love to spend time with her. It distracts me from worrying about my lack of employment,and feelings of insecurity and uselessness that accompany this. She is very supportive,and constantly tells me to go for what I want to do. But what about her needs and wants? She is stuck in meaningless work,and would love to do something she likes doing. I'd feel selfish and ignorant wanting to pursue my own goals,and I just want to make a fair contribution to the running of the house,and paying bills etc.And above all,ensure we keep us connected and happy. Above all else,I never want to jeopardise what we have,as she means so much to me :):) and i love her so.....

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