Good grief!

Yes!Good grief!! I got here in Melbourne on the 2nd of May after a long 12 hour journey, towing 2 ton of stuff but was so glad to arrive safely!!!  And am only just blogging again haha.  Having pretty much settled in with my lovely lady,and adjusted to a few extras such as cute kittens and new puppy, its time to find a job!! Groan for it can be difficult......been here twice before in last 18 months having moved to Qld,then Adelaide! Both places too warm and dry for my liking! However it is green here, quite cool and has lots of close services and so it seems nice people!! Am liking it already!! Its also great to see my beautiful gf every day and not stress about being apart!!!

I miss my daughter a bit, but know she has her own life, and that i can hopefully get her over here soon for visits, once i've gained employment and catch up financially etc....

All in all-it is good to be here and I am relatively happy with all at the moment, the only thing marring this is lack of a job, which I'm sure will be a problem solved very soon!

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