i am so slack haha

Been a while since I blogged-but tomorrow is the day of my journey to foreign lands and new beginnings!!The trailer and car is loaded,just got tiny bit of cleaning to do tomorrow and its good bye Adelaide. Have had mixed emotions-excited to be starting life with my beautiful gf, yet sad to be leaving my daughter behind,albeit only an hours plane flight away. I think though with some visits she will see things for what they are-that Dad needs a life too and that she is most welcome anytime. Marjorie too has been moving-working hard to organise a place for both of us bless her heart and wearing herself out in the process! Moving is not often a pleasurable experience-but its the end result that motivates most people. And this move has been a long time coming-long distance relationships are great and all but sooner or later the strain shows,and something needs to be done. And I couldn't be happier being part of M's life and sharing our loves of music and many other things with each other!So yay for tomorrow-and all tomorrows after :)

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